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**NEWS**NEWS**NEWS** (5/2/22)

Town Council has removed the vote from the May 2 agenda for an ordinance to establish a Historic Preservation Commission.

Your efforts to spotlight the many glaring issues with a commission and ordinance have mattered.

This opposition effort is NOT over.

This item could be added to a future agenda again.

Please keep your yard signs out.

Continue to dialogue with your council members.

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Presented as the only viable means to protect historic homes from demolition, the installation of a Zionsville Historic Preservation Commission and subsequent Zionsville Ordinance for Historic Preservation is about more than just preservation. It's about control of Village development. Property owners on both sides of this issue should educate themselves on the true authority of this potential Commission.

This body of legal language is complicated, and there is misinformation shared by proponents about the flexibility that a Historic Preservation Commission will have when it comes to applying Indiana law to draft its ordinance. You'll find more information about this initiative on the Town's website.

Educate Yourself

A group of local attorneyswho are also Village residentshave summarized their very serious concerns about the installation of a Historic Preservation Commission and subsequent Ordinance for Historic Preservation.

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Sign the Petition

We believe a Commission should not have control of any of our private property rights. There are other more viable and efficient means to protect historic homes and ensure proper development within the Village.

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Act Now

Town Council updated its agenda and will not be voting on May 2 whether to establish a Historic Preservation Commission. Your actions have mattered! This would not have happened without your efforts! While this is great news, our work is not over as it can be re-added to a future agenda. Your help is still needed.

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62% of homeowners in the original proposed conservation district did not respond to the ZHPC's survey.

Proposed Boundary of the new Conservation District from on information presented in September 2021.


Copy of the proposed ordinance

Example Conservation District
From Wayne DeLong, Zionsville's Director of Community & Economic Development

Homes in the Conservation District impacted by the proposed ordinance


Homes in the Conservation District considered "outstanding"


Homes in the Conservation District built after 1950


Sample Letter to Town Council Members:

Dear Town Council,

I am writing to express my opposition to a Historic Preservation Commission and Ordinance for Historic Preservation. We love living in the Village with its distinct character created from more than 169 years of strong Village investment.

The additional cost to administer this ordinance would be significant to the town. It will be an increased burden on the town to staff and administer, and it would increase the expense to property owners attempting to invest in their homes by requiring even general maintenance and Certificates of Appropriateness.

Please do not support this overreaching and unnecessary ordinance. Our Village is thriving.


Village Resident